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Valley Justice Coalition has many opportunities for people to get involved in reforming our criminal justice system. You can meet with others or work independently to move things forward.


Engage Political Leaders

One of the best ways to make an impact is to engage our political leaders with our concerns and ideas for change. Phone calls, emails and posts on social media can all do their part holding leaders accountable. We have organized the contact information you need to make your voice heard.


VJC Volunteers Needed

  • First, a treasurer to keep up with, and acknowledge contributions to the PayPal link we are setting up on our website.

  • Second, an additional member of the Steering Committee.

Political Conference

Join VJC Action Link

VJC Action Link is a google email group made up of people willing to take at least one action step a month on behalf of some criminal justice reform consistent with VJC's mission. This action can be

  • a letter to the editor

  • emails, phone contacts or other correspondence with legislators

This group has generated hundreds of contacts with state senators and delegates since it was launched at the beginning of 2023.

Fists in Solidarity

Join Us For a Meeting

On the first Monday at noon of each month we host an educational Zoom meeting with a resource person addressing a topic of concern.

On the third Monday of each month at noon we host a zoom meeting for community members working on criminal justice strategy.

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